June 22

Establishment of basketball club „Šiauliai“

In June 1994, Adomas Klimavičius with “Šiauliai Plentas” AB (road construction company) Chief Engineer Algimantas Mikšis participated in the LKL (Lithuanian Basketball League) board meeting, where presented video footage about Šiauliai city infrastructure, budget, team structure, coaches. After that, the members of the Board voted: ten out of thirteen voted in favor of admitting the “Šiauliai” club addition to LKL. The first interview of the club general manager Adomas Klimavičius and the head coach Antanas Sireika

September 1

Club logo was introduced

Club logo created by Jonas Mockevičius. Later it was improved by Domantas Klimavičius.

October 7

The first win

After two losses on the opponent courts against Kaunas "Lavera" and Vilnius "Statyba", Šiauliai city team returns home. The first match in "Tauras" gym and the first win in LKL were achieved against Kaunas "NECA" (93:75). Best performers on “Šiauliai” team were: O.Bulancevas (25 points), M.Žukauskas (18 points) and A.Tamkevičius (17 points). Full box score: https://lkl.lt/rungtynes/8846

September 6

First win in European tournaments

After a successful debut season in the Lithuanian Basketball League (4th place), Šiauliai received the opportunity to compete in 1995-1996. In R.Korach's cup. The first opponent was the Polish team - Wroclaw Slask / Eska. In the second half, Šiauliai showed exceptional performance and defeated the Polish team 100: 88. Full box score: http://www.fibaeurope.com/cid_KNce8jInH7Qj1EsyH5rjn2.gameID_1366-2-A-1.compID_MsfTeemRHYovSUdkYV76x0.season_1996.roundID_2551.teamID_.html

March 30

“Šiauliai” won Lithuanian Men's Basketball Cup

Šiauliai won the 32nd Lithuanian Men's Basketball Cup ("Lietuvos sporto") tournament. The team started from the third stage of the tournament, where they defeated"Olympas" Plungė twice. The final 4 stage took place in Šiauliai. In the semifinals "Šiauliai" defeated "Šilutė" (83:68), and in the finals in a close game - Vilnius "Statyba" (96:88).

April 1

M.Žukauskas 45 points in a single game

The single-game points record was set in 1996. April 1st  "Šiauliai" met with the winner of the regular season "Atletas" Kaunas in the quarterfinals and here Mindaugas Žukauskas exploded with 45 points and carried the team to victory. Mindaugas finished with 11 (2pt), 5 (3pt) and 8 free-throws. This performance still remains as a player record of points in a single game.

March 15

LKF Cup second place

Sometimes top notch medals can be quite painful. The final four of the LKF Cup took place in Šiauliai and BC "Šiauliai'' competed to defend the cup which was won a year ago. However, the match of the finals was unsuccessful for "Šiauliai'' team and after a close game, "Lietuvos rytas-Statybai" Vilnius won the LKF Cup (65:72).

May 10

First Bronze (3rd place) of LKL

In the 1999-2000 season, the bronze medals of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) were finally won. The series against "Sakalai" Vilnius was won 3:1 and it was payback to the Vilnius city team for last season's loss for bronze. The key match in this series could be called the first game of the series, where Šiaulia won unexpectedly in Vilnius (77:62).

March 3

3-pointers record by G.Pečiulionis

One of the most impressive and record-breaking performances in the history of "Šiauliai" club is 11 three-pointers made in a single game by G.Pečiulionis. A fateful evening for opponents came in 2001 March.3d. On the home court, visitors of the "Panevėžys" team arrived. In this match, G.Pečiulionis scored 11 three-point points out of 16 attempts and for a long time set this as a record for other "Šiauliai" basketball players (In total, he scored 41 points). This result is also one of the best in the history of LKL. Boxscore: https://geltonajuoda.lt/rungtynes/Siauliai-Panevezys/441

March 31

Team finished with 143 points in a single game

In the 2000-2001 season "Šiauliai" achieved the highest scoring game in a single match. During the regular season of LKL, “Suvalkija” Marijampolė was defeated on a trip by "Šiauliai" (82 - 143). The team's players scored 49 2pt (86% accuracy) and 39 free throws. Boxscore: https://lkl.lt/rungtynes/6924

May 23

Second Bronze Medals of LKL

Second 3rd place was won in series against “Alita” Alytus. Final series victory was achieved on away court (Alytus), where "Šiauliai" won 97:62. Final series result 3:1.

October 6

The first website of the club was created

Website of the basketball club "Šiauliai" was presented to the media in Šiauliai internet salon "Sala": www.splentas.lt/kksiauliai. Team was the third (after "Žalgiris" and "Lietuvos rytas") among the nine clubs that competed in LKL to start using modern information technologies.

May 16

Third Bronze Medals of LKL

After two consecutive bronze series losses to Alytus' team, "Šiauliai" returned to the third place. After a very competitive series in the key match of the series (fith) in Šiauliai, the team defeated "Sakalai" Vilnius (84:78).

Februray 17

FIBA Europe Cup 3rd place

In the semifinals of the FIBA Europe cup (Nordic Conference) in Moscow, Šiauliai lost to Rostov's Lokomotiv team, but in the fight for the third place, they won against “EURAS” Yekaterinburg (86:71). Boxscore:  http://www.fibaeurope.com/cid_KNce8jInH7Qj1EsyH5rjn2.gameID_4153-3-A-1.compID_3PFNKyhLHWIYKHG2fZORy3.season_2005.roundID_4111.teamID_2868.html

April 16

Bronze (3rd place) in first BBL season

In the first season of the Baltic Basketball League (BBL) (2004-2005), Šiauliai won bronze medals. They lost to "Žalgiris" Kaunas in the semifinals, but the “Ventspils” (Latvia) team was defeated in the match for the third place - 97:87. Boxscore: http://bbl.net/en/top/competition/game/?game_id=879793&season_id=17913#mbt:83-400$t&0=1 Video: http://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/10652/baltijos_vyru_krepsinio_lyga._siauliai_-_ventspils

May 16

Fourth Bronze of LKL

The fourth bronze was won at home and “Sakalai” Vilnius were defeated again (3:1). This time, really impressive victory results were recorded: 83:46, 111:77.

April 16

Second Bronze of BBL

The second journey for the bronze medals of the Baltic Basketball League (BBL) was easier than the previous season. This time the team was challenged by the "Nevėžis" Kėdainiai, which was successfully defeated - 76:59. Top performers of the team:  T. Klimavičius (12 points, 15 rebounds) and A. Jomantas (20 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assist). Boxscore: http://bbl.net/en/top/competition/game/?game_id=877803&season_id=17923#mbt:83-400$t&0=1

May 13

Fifth LKL Bronze

One of the easiest bronze series took place in the 2005-2006 season when we were challenged by "Nevėžis" Kėdainiai. BC "Šiauliai" won the series “dry” 3:0, and an average difference of victories were more than 15 points.

May 12

Sixth LKL Bronze

Although the bronze series of LKL against "Neptūnas" Klaipėda was won with a result 3:0, two away wins were achieved only by a three-point and two-point advantage. BC "Šiauliai" won the final match in Klaipėda (86:84), once A.Čepulis had a huge performance in the second half of the match and scored 27 points.

September 28

New Arena of BC „Šiauliai“

After spending thirteen first seasons in the Lithuanian basketball league (LKL) playing in the old “Tauras” gym, the team moved to the new Šiauliai arena. This impressive 100-meter-diameter building, four of the five floors of which are covered with glowing holographic glass, has become the new home of the Šiauliai team. The first official match was played in 2007 September 28 against "Aisčiai-Atletas" Kaunas (W 73:61).

February 6

First LKF Cup Bronze

2007-2008 The LKF Cup tournament was successful for the BC "Šiauliai" team. During the final four, our team fell short in the semi-finals of "Lietuvos rytas" Vilnius  (66:71), but in the match for bronze medals they defeated "Neptūnas" Klaipėda with confidence 111:92.

May 13

Seventh LKL Bronze

The first LKL bronze medals were won in the new Šiauliai arena, when the "Alytus" club was defeated in the series 3:0. BC "Šiauliai" demonstrated an impressive offence in the series with an average of 95.7 points.

January 24

Second LKF Bronze

From the LKF Cup final four, which took place in the "Cido" arena of Panevėžys, BC "Šiauliai" returned with bronze medals honors. After losing to "Lietuvos rytas" Vilnius in the semifinals, they defeated "Aisčiai" Kaunas team which was led by Donatas Motiejūnas in the match for the third place. Final result (97:89).

Februray 21

Three-Points contest record

Andrius Šležas reached the finals of the LKL three-point contest three times, but never raised the trophy. However, sharp-shooter of the Šiauliai who finished his career, owns the contest record - 27 points out of 30 possible, which he achieved in the semifinals of the LKL All-Star three-point contest in 2008-2009.

May 15

Eighth LKL Bronze

2008-2009 the series for third place of the season was tenacious and exciting. Although BC "Šiauliai" won the first two matches, it was followed by two victories of "Neptūnas" Klaipėda.
BC "Šiauliai" won the final fifth match at home court 80:73.

February 20

Third LKF Cup Bronze

In the match for the LKF Cup bronze, an easy victory for BC "Šiauliai" was predicted, but the winner decided only in the last moments of the match. BC "Šiauliai" took home the victory and the bronze of the LKF Cup for the third time (79:76).

March 20

3pt Contest Winner - D.Low

The BC “Šiauliai” player triumphed for the first time in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) All-Star day sniper (3pt) competition. Derrick Low defeated "Žalgiris" Kaunas representative Adas Juškevičius in the final stage 22:21. D.Low scored 19 points in the selection, 24 points in the semifinals.

April 25

Third Bronze of BBL

The “Siemens” Arena in Vilnius in 2009-2010. The match of the final four tournament of the BBL for the third place between the Ventspils and Šiauliai teams ended in the victory of Šiauliai 84:83. The victorious shot with the final siren was hit by Vytautas Šarakauskas. The referees counted the shot, but the Latvian club protested, claiming that V. Šarakauskas made the throw after the siren. BBL executives satisfied the Ventspils team's protest and decided to replay the match on Sunday. Despite this decision, Ventspils refused to compete and went home.

May 12

Ninth Bronze of LKL

The ninth and so far last LKL bronze was won in 2009-2010. season when Utena "Juventus" was defeated in the series with up to three victories. This season the team was driven forward by lead of  M.Kuzminskas, A.Šikšnius, D.Gailius, D.Low, M.Žukauskas, V.Šarakauskas.

March 12

E.Ruzgas won the 3pt Contest

2010-2011 LKL "All Stars" day started with the traditional "Sniper" three-pointers contest, in which the shooter of Šiauliai team Edvinas Ruzgas rise up the trophy, surpassing the representative of "Perlas" Vilnius Eimantas Bendžius in the final 23:14.

March 2

T.Leslie winner of Dunk Contest

Representatives of Šiauliai Club were rare guests in LKL All-Star day Dunk-Contest competitions, but in 2013-2014. The team was represented by two very strong highflyers - Modestas Kumpyrs and Travis Leslie. T.Leslie, who has won similar contests in past more than once, this time he did not disappoint the fans as well and became the Dunk Contest winner (in the final stage he defeated the representative of "Žalgiris" Kaunas J.Dentmon).

April 12

„Šiauliai“ - BBL Champions

„Šiauliai“ team won a competitive match in the first BBL finals game - "Tonybet" Prienai club was defeated 62:57 (19:12, 11:11, 14:17, 18:17), but "Šiauliai" team confidently defeated Prienai club 78:66 (18 : 17, 21; 19, 20:16, 19:14) and won the BBL champion title. The team awarded the famous victory in the memory of the long-term club president Algimantas Mikšis, who passed away.

January 14

Project GeltonaJuoda.lt is ALIVE!

On January 14, 2015, the only historical-archival page about the basketball club "Šiauliai" was launched on the Internet. The project is designed to acquaint basketball fans with the history of Šiauliai club and the most important facts that will remain in our yearbooks for a long time. We will remember all the players and coaches who played in the club, loud victories and painful defeats, impressive records and anti-records, achievements, people important to the club and other interesting facts.

February 22

Fourth Bronze of LKF Cup

The „Šiauliai“ team roster were small due to injuries, but team showed an incredible character and in the game for 3rd place of the LKF Cup tournament 77:62 (13:24, 21:18, 20:10, 23:10), was defeated favorite of match "Juventus" Utena club. "Neptūnas" Klaipėda was defeated in the quarterfinals after a competitive game 73:71, and loss to "Lietuvos rytas" Vilnius in the semi-finals.

April 1

Second Consequtive BBL Champions

For the second year in a row, Šiauliai basketball players raised the BBL Champions Cup over their heads. Šiauliai broke the Ventspils team in the second final match at home after a dramatic match with over-time 88:80 (18:17, 14:21, 29:19, 13:15, 14: 8). The Latvian team won the first match in Ventspils - 70:68. Gintaras Leonavičius received MVP of the finals honors.

April 6

For the third year in a row - BBL Champions!

For the third year in a row, Šiauliai won the BBL Championship. In the first game, Šiauliai were swept by seven points, but at home to Estonian champions Tartu Rock were defeated - 102:76 (20:21, 28:27, 28: 8, 26:20). Rokas Giedraitis was recognized as MVP of the finals.

October 24

Adomas Klimavičius left the club

Adomas Klimavičius left the president position of the club. He has been leading the Šiauliai Club since its foundation in 1994 June. "It is simply time for changes. I have been thinking about this step for the last four years, but I was still persuaded to stay, - A. Klimavičius spoke at the press conference, handing his basketball to his successor, Mindaugas Žukauskas. "I want to thank all the assistants, club people, and especially the road construction company, who were the main constraints of the club."

February 19

The Winner of the three-point contest is A.Čepulis

After many attempts in previous years, Arvydas Čepulis became the winner of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) three-point competition, defeating S. Kulvietis from "Vytautas" Prienai-Birštonas in the final stage 22:17.

July 27

Head Coach A.Sireika returns to „Šiauliai“ team

"Šiauliai" starts a new stage of the club, which is led by long-term team player Mindaugas Žukauskas, and Antanas Sireika returns to the position of head coach.

March 4

Twelve three-pointers by Nick Zeisloft

The member of the Šiauliai team Nick Zeisloft improved the record of three-pointers made in a single game by G.Pečiulionis (11 3pts). N.Zeisloft scored 12 three-pointers out of 15 attempts during the match against "Juventus" Utena. Boxscore: https://lkl.lt/rungtynes/119

April 19

A book about Šiauliai basketball has been published

In the library of Povilas Višinskis was presented a book "9 decades of Šiauliai basketball: illustrated history from 1925" by journalist and sport historian Arūnas Petraitis. There are big part dedicated to basketball club "Šiauliai".

August 31

Joniškis "Delikatesas" becomes a affiliate team

Delikatesas, which competes in the 2nd Division -  NKL (National Basketball League), has become a missing part of the Šiauliai city basketball pyramid, and from now on promising young basketball players with long-term contracts with the sun city club will be able to improve by playing on the Joniškis team roster as well.

The lower part of the Šiauliai pyramid consists of A. Sireka basketball academy (ASKA),, basketball academy "Saulė" and Šiauliai sports gymnasium, whose students will not only regularly attend "Šiauliai" or "Delikatesas" training sessions, but the first adult basketball competition as well with Division B of the Regional Basketball League (RKL), representing the academy team, and Division A of the RKL, representing Kelme.

The project lasted for two years.

July 1

Women basketball team "Šiauliai-Universitetas" became a part of BC "Šiauliai" system

Women basketball team "Šiauliai-Universitetas" became a part of BC "Šiauliai" system.

August 19

New Team Logo

To mark the 25th anniversary of the club, the team logo is being changed, which is receiving a rather critical response from fans. Vilmantas Dambrauskas, an artist, photographer and designer from Šiauliai, contributed to the creation of a renewed logo of the Šiauliai Club.

December 16

D.Slanina has become director of the club

Donatas Slanina has been appointed as the director of the club. More information in the article. (BC Šiauliai photo)

May 7

Seventeen assists by Elvar Fridriksson

The club's first legionnaire from Iceland, Elvar Fridriksson, made 17 assists and improved the record of D. Sabeckis and K. Hardy (16). An exceptional result was achieved in 2021. May 7 in the match against "Neptunas" Klaipeda. (BC Šiauliai photo)

December 18

Changes of coaches

BC "Šiauliai" started 2023-2024 season with the first head coach from abroad - latvian N. Mazurs. After an unsuccessful start to the season (start in LKL - 1 win, 13 losses) on December 18th former long-time club player Ž.Urbonas replaces the head coach from Latvia.

March 2

The new team manager - A. Nacickas, sports director - Ž. Urbonas

The chairman of the board of the club, Artūras Nacickas, replaces Donatas Slaninas, who led the team for more than three years. On March 10 the head coach Žydrūnas Urbonas is appointed as the sports director of the Šiauliai team. (BC Šiauliai photo)

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